Raw Beauty Bar Necklace

$ 35.00

Featuring a collection of tiny sapphires, this gold bar necklace is one our favorite new items this season. The genuine, raw sapphires aren't polished or perfect, but they're still incredibly beautiful. Their little facets catch just enough light to sparkle softly, and their neutral colors are surprisingly complex. Hung from a 14K gold-filled chain, this bar necklace features warm colors perfect for cozy outfits all winter long.

  • 14K Gold-filled chain
  • Available in 2 lengths: 16 and 18 inches
  • Genuine raw sapphires
  • handcrafted in the USA

Sapphires are said to be a stone of wisdom and strength. Here at Little Hill Jewelry, this is one version of gemstone lore we absolutely believe. The birthstone for September, sapphires are the favorite stone of our creator and owner--she was born in September after all!

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