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About Little Hill Jewelry

simply beautiful

There are a lot of big and bold things in this world, but sometimes big and bold get overwhelming. Here at Little Hill Jewelry, we are all about finding beauty in the simple things. Simplicity isn't about bland walls and boring eyeliner. It's about reducing the clutter, the distraction, and the noise from our big, bold, beautiful world, and creating room to be our best selves.

I'm Heather, a jewelry artist living in beautiful Southern Vermont. I've been working as a jewelry artist since 2011, and am as in love with creating handcrafted jewelry today as I was when I started.

For me, creating handmade, artisan jewelry is a powerful experience. When I make a piece for someone, I get to be a small part of their story--the engagement ring, the birthday earrings, the graduation necklace--when people buy my jewelry for these occasions, I get a chance to share in their joy and create a piece that will hold memories they can cherish for years to come.

My jewelry may be small and simple, but the connections and stories I get to be a part of...that's big to me. And definitely beautiful.
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